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2019 Annual Meeting, San Diego


NAASR 2019 Annual Meeting
#naasr2019 San Diego, CA

“The Field”: Assessing and Critiquing the Academic Study of Religion

We are pleased to announce the program for the 2019 Annual Meeting.
We are still accepting applications for participants for our graduate workshops.

History of the Field: Russell T. McCutcheon
James Edmonds
Jamil Grimes
Andrew Durdin
Rebekka King

The Role and Influence of Private Funding of the Field: Greg Alles
Joshua Patterson
Michael J. Altman

John W. McCormack
Natalie Avalos

Teaching the Field: Leslie Dorrough Smith
Rita Lester           
Ian Alexander Cuthbertson
Leonie C. Geiger
Martha Smith Roberts

International Perspectives on the Field: Rosalind Hackett
LeRon Shults
Tenzan Eaghll

Vaia Touna
Yasmina Burezah

NAASR Working Groups 2019
American Examples
             Organized by Michael J. Altman

Critical Considerations of “Race” in Religious Studies
             Organized by Emily Crews, Richard Newton, and K. Merinda Simmons

NAASR Graduate Student Workshops*
Session One: Job Workshop, Russell McCutcheon and Matt Sheedy
Session Two: Academic Publishing for Graduate Students, Emily Clark and Andie Alexander
Session Three: Navigating the Politics of Academia, Rebekka King and Stacie Swain
Session Four: Alternative Careers for Religious Studies Scholars, Brad Stoddard and Emily Crews

*Scholars of all concentrations within the field of Religious Studies are welcome to join the workshop—whether a NAASR member or not. Space is limited, so application does not guarantee participation, although we intend to accommodate as many people as we can. To register, please email NAASR VP Rebekka King at rebekka.king@mtsu.edu by no later than October 18, 2019. In this request to register please include your current degree or professional career stage and identify which session or sessions you would like to attend.

NAASR Graduate Student Workshops CFP

#naasr2019 • Nov. 22-24 • San Diego, CA

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