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The North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR) was initially formed in 1985 by E. Thomas Lawson, Luther H. Martin, and Donald Wiebe, to encourage the historical, comparative, structural, theoretical, and cognitive approaches to the study of religion among North American scholars; to represent North American scholars of religion at the international level; and to sustain communication between North American scholars and their international colleagues engaged in the study of religion.

NAASR is incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of Vermont.

A brief history of NAASR, written by Luther H. Martin and Donald Wiebe, can be found here.

If you have any questions or want to contact us for any reason, please email the Executive Secretary, Brad Stoddard, at bstoddard@mcdaniel.edu.


Current NAASR Officers

Russell T. McCutcheon, University of Alabama (2017)
Vice President
Aaron Hughes, University of Rochester (2017)
Executive Secretary/Treasurer
Brad Stoddard, McDaniel College (2021)
Naomi Goldenberg, University of Ottawa (2017)
K. Merinda Simmons, University of Alabama (2017)
Leslie Dorrough Smith, Avila University (2018)
Stacie Swain, University of Ottawa (2018)
Martha Smith Roberts, University of the South (2019)
Richard Newton, Elizabethtown College (2019)
Aaron Hughes, University of Rochester (ex officio as editor of MTSR)
Steven Engler, Mount Royal University (ex officio as editor of Key Thinkers)
Philip Tite, University of Washington (ex officio as editor of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion)
 Communications Officer
Jennifer Eyl

Former NAASR Officers

Jonathan Z. Smith (President, 1996-2002)
Greg Alles (President, 2002-2005)
Tomoko Masuzawa (President, 2005-2008)
Willi Braun (President, 2008-2011)
William Arnal (Vice President, 2000-2003 and President, 2011-2013)
Julie Ingersoll (Vice President, 2003-2006)
Bryan Rennie (Vice President, 2006-2009)
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan (Vice President, 2009-2011)
Craig Martin (Executive Secretary, 2011-2016)
Gary Lease (Executive Secretary, 1995-2004)
Russell T. McCutcheon (Executive Secretary, 2004-2007)
Robert Yelle (Executive Secretary, 2007-2011)
Naomi Goldenberg (President, 2013-2014)
Christopher Lehrich (Vice President, 2011-2014)

Governance Documents

Certificate of Incorporation

Original Constitution and Bylaws

Articles of Association

Current Bylaws