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The Holocaust and the Christian Tradition in Seminary Education Today

June 23 – July 2, 2021

2021 PERH Seminar Call for Applications PDF Version

The Holocaust and the Christian Tradition in Seminary Education Today

June 23 – July 2, 2021

The 2021 Seminar on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust will examine the Holocaust and its historical, ethical, and theological relevance for Christianity and its particular implications for theologians, clergy, and Christian leaders today. The seminar is intended primarily for faculty at seminaries and theological schools who do not consider
themselves Holocaust specialists but who teach courses in adjacent fields that could potentially incorporate the seminar’s themes, including Church History, Theology, Christian ethics, Biblical Studies, Liturgy, Leadership, and Pastoral training. The seminar will consider the Holocaust and related topics from multiple disciplinary and denominational perspectives and will offer a range of teaching resources and pedagogical methods to help
participants integrate aspects of this history into their teaching and mentorship of seminary students. Participants will be introduced to relevant USHMM resources, collections, programmatic opportunities, and staff scholars.

The seminar will be led by Dr. Rebecca Carter-Chand, Director of the USHMM’s Programs on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust, who will be joined each day by a specialist on the day’s topic. Together, they will guide the participants through readings, case studies, and pedagogical discussions. Topics will include: Jews and Christians before the Holocaust (with Dr. Kevin Madigan, Harvard University); The German churches in Nazi Germany (with Dr. Christopher Probst, Washington University in St. Louis, University College); North American churches and the Holocaust (with Dr. Kyle Jantzen, Ambrose University); Ethical Perspectives on the Holocaust (with Dr. David Gushee, Mercer University); Clergy and Religious Professionals during the Holocaust (with Dr. Beth Griech-Polelle, Pacific Lutheran University); and Post-Holocaust Reckonings with Theology and Practice (with Dr. Mary Boys, Union Theological Seminary, New York).

Seminar Format:

The seminar will be conducted entirely online through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous elements over a ten-day period. Participants will attend seven, three-hour synchronous sessions throughout the seminar. Additional daily asynchronous activities will include independent readings, pre-recorded lectures, and online forums. Opportunities for informal networking and small-group meetings will be facilitated via the seminar’s digital platform.


Applications are welcome from professors, instructors, and advanced doctoral students who are currently teaching or preparing to teach courses that could potentially integrate the Holocaust and related topics into their lectures, assignments, activities, or campus events (teaching an entire course on the Holocaust is not required). We welcome applicants from any religious tradition or denominational affiliation. Clergy and religious professionals who are engaged in adult Christian education or part-time teaching will be considered. Faculty based in institutions outside North America will also be considered if they meet the criteria above.

Application Details:

Applications must include: (1) a curriculum vitae; (2) a statement of the applicant’s specific interest in strengthening their background in Holocaust Studies for the purpose of teaching; (3) a letter of support from a dissertation advisor, departmental chair, or dean addressing the applicant’s qualifications; and (4) a draft syllabus on a topic that could potentially incorporate any of the topics that the seminar will address.

Participants must commit to attending the entire seminar. A complete syllabus will be made available to participants in advance of the program. Participants who complete all components of the seminar will receive a $500 honorarium.

The deadline for digital applications has been extended to Friday, April 30, 2021 and can be submitted here. Letters of support may be uploaded electronically or sent directly to Dr. Rebecca Carter-Chand at perh@ushmm.org. Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process by May 15, 2021.

This workshop is made possible by the Hoffberger Family Fund and by Joseph A. and Janeal Cannon and Family.


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