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Method & Theory in the Study of Religion

mtsrMethod & Theory in the Study of Religion (MTSR) is NAASR’s quarterly, peer-reviewed quarterly periodical. It is published by Brill Academic Publishers of the Netherlands.

Founded in 1989 by doctoral students at the University of Toronto’s Center for Religious Studies, MTSR has become the preeminent site for international scholars who are interested in the role played by theory and criticism in the academic study of religion.

MTSR publishes peer-reviewed articles, commissioned essays, unsolicited responses to past articles, conference proceedings, interviews, review symposia, review essays, and book reviews which explicitly address the problems of methodology and theory in the academic study of religion. This includes such traditional points of departure as history, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and sociology, but also the natural sciences, and such other approaches as feminist theory, discourse analysis, and ideology critique. MTSR is currently edited by Mitsutoshi Horii (horii@mailg.shumei-u.ac.jp) and Steven Ramey (steven.ramey@ua.edu). Author guidelines can be found here.

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