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Key Thinkers in the Study of Religion

Freud-03.inddPublished by Routledge in association with NAASR, Key Thinkers in the Study of Religion is a series of compact introductions to the life and work of major figures in the study of religion. Each volume includes a brief biography, analysis of key works, evaluation of criticism and of overall impact on the field, and discussion of the work of later scholars who have appropriated or extended each key thinker’s approach. Critical engagement with each key thinker’s major works makes each volume a useful companion for the study of these important sources in the field. Aimed at the undergraduate and introductory graduate classrooms, the series aims to encapsulate and evaluate foundational contributions to the academic study of religion.

This series is currently edited by Steven Engler, who can be contacted at sjengler at gmail dot com. You can find a guide for authors here.

Volumes include:

Look for forthcoming volumes on Peter Berger, Mary Douglas, Mircea Eliade, E. E. Evans-Pritchard, William James, Jacques Lacan, Rudolph Otto, E. B. Tylor, and Max Weber.

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