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Current membership dues were set in November 2012; at present membership includes an online subscription to NAASR’s journal with Brill, Method and Theory in the Study of Religion. 

New in 2021: all members (including lifetime members) will receive a subscription to Equinox Publishing’s The Bulletin for the Study of Religion. This includes online and print copies. Renew membership in January to be sure you don’t miss a print issue each year. Brought to you courtesy of Equinox Publishing, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and a generous donation to our organization.

Annual dues:

  • $75 for faculty members
  • $39 for graduate students, contingent/adjunct faculty, and retired faculty
  • $400 for a six-year faculty membership

Former lifetime members will not receive the subscription to MTSR unless they pay an additional $39/year(this is at cost).

Become a Member/Renew

First step: fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM, and then come back to this page. (Be sure to update your address so that you will receive the Bulletin.

Second step: submit payment via the PayPal links below or mail a US check or money order to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer. Email Andrew Durdin for a mailing address:  naasr.religion (at) gmail.com

paynowStudent/Adjunct/Retiree membership—$39


Faculty membership—$75


Six-year membership—$400


MTSR online only (for lifetime members)—$39

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