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Books of Interest: Chasing Down Religion

chasing down religionPanayotis Pachis and Donald Wiebe (eds.), Chasing Down Religion: In the Sights of History and the Cognitive Sciences (Equinox 2014)

Whether as a historian finding solutions to unresolved problems or as a scientist finding the causes for events and actions, Luther Martin’s primary focus has been to get to the roots of the religious impulse in human existence. This collection of essays from scholars of his own generation and from his best students cover the three major strands of his work: the Greco-Roman world, cognitive science approaches to explaining religious phenomena and methodological issues in the academic study of religions. The contributions build on the work of Luther Martin and further the ongoing discussion and debate within these areas of religious studies.

Books of Interest: Religion and Politics in the Graeco-Roman World

313KsLjPWHL._AA160_Religion and Politics in the Graeco-Roman World was written by Panayotis Pachis (2010). According to the description, “In this study the author focuses on the proliferation of worship of Egyptian deities in the Roman era and the direct relationship with social and political situation of the period.” Contents include:

Foreword by Professor Gerhard van den Heever
1. ‘Manufacturing Religion’ in the Hellenistic Age: The Cases of Isis-Demeter Cult
2. The Discourse of a Myth: Diodorus Siculus and the Egyptian Theologoumena during the Hellenistic Age
3. Isis Tyrannos and the Construction of Imperial Society: Ecumenism and Social Formation
4. The Use of Felicitas and Aeternitas during the Graeco-Romas Age: The Case of Isis and Sarapis Cult