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NAASR’s executive council is pleased to announce two new partnerships that we believe will benefit our membership!

First, many of you are likely familiar with The Religious Studies Project, the excellent podcast series sponsored by the British Association for the Study of Religion (BASR). NAASR has recently joined BASR as a sponsor for the project; we will be donating funds to support a number of their endeavors, with the hope that they will continue to create content useful to—or even featuring—NAASR members.

Second, the executive council has decided to enter into a two-year agreement with Equinox Publishing (beginning in 2016), to provide an online subscription to all members for the Bulletin for the Study of Religion, which is currently published in affiliation with NAASR. Starting next year, then, membership benefits will include electronic subscriptions to both the Bulletin and Method & Theory in the Study of Religion.

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