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NAASR 2019 Graduate Student Workshops CFP

NAASR Graduate Student Workshops CFP

At our annual meeting in 2019, NAASR will sponsor four one-hour workshops for graduate students. One need not be a NAASR member to apply, although NAASR members will receive priority. Each session will explore a specific topic, and students can participate in any or all of the sessions. NAASR will provide a free lunch for participants as well.

Session One: Job Workshop

This session will explore the employment challenges facing early career scholars. This session addresses issues important to junior academics (notably, but not exclusively, ABDs now entering/about to enter the job market) by demonstrating how a professional organization can provide a practical and strategic forum for job-market advice. A senior scholar in the academic study of religion will evaluate the participants’ C.V. and sample cover letter. The scholar will also discuss the job market, the hiring process, interviews, and other issues related to the job market.

Session Two: Academic Publishing for Graduate Students

This session will explore academic publishing opportunities for graduate students. Grad students aren’t in positions to publish books, but numerous publication opportunities exist for grad students. This panel will help grad students identify academic publishing opportunities and will provide strategies and tips for successfully publishing, with the goal of increasing a student’s marketability on the job market.

Session Three: Navigating the Politics of Academia

Academia is coming to terms with its own #metoo movement. Graduate students and early career scholars are particularly vulnerable to harassment, discrimination, and abuse. This session will provide a forum to discuss the institutional politics and power dynamics that make it difficult to report such experiences in academia (in particular for women and minoritized groups). Discussants will provide input on strategies for making campuses safer, identifying resources for victims, and generating best practices for allies and bystanders.

Session Four: Alternative Careers for Religious Studies Scholars

With more scholars competing for fewer jobs, PhDs in Religious Studies are increasingly looking for careers outside the academy. This workshop will identify fields and career paths for PhDs who wish or who otherwise need to pursue alternative careers.


Scholars of all concentrations within the field of Religious Studies are welcome to join the workshop—whether a NAASR member or not. Space is limited, so application does not guarantee participation, although we intend to accommodate as many people as we can.

To register, please email NAASR VP Rebekka King at rebekka.king@mtsu.edu by no later than October 18, 2019. In this request to register please include your current degree or professional career stage and identify which session or sessions you’d like to attend.

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