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Call for Proposals, NAASR 2021 Annual Meeting

November 20-22

We are pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Religion and the Study of Religion in Times of “Crisis”

Call for Proposals

For the past several years, NAASR’s meetings have featured panels that reflect on various dimensions of the study of religion (theory, method, data, key categories, and field). As evidenced in numerous recent calls and conference themes, “crisis” has emerged as a preferred way many in the academic study of religion characterize elements of the current historical moment. COVID, systemic racism, rising fascist movements, the character of American evangelicalism, and even the integrity of higher education have all fallen under this banner of “crisis.” Moreover, religion figures prominently in public discourse surrounding these trends. Yet, what happens when we classify something as a “crisis”? And what is at stake in linking these “crises” to “religion”?  How does this designation illuminate or obscure certain political or ideological dynamics? 

 At NAASR 2021, we are asking participants to theorize the relationship between “religion” (and/or the study of “religion”) and “crisis” broadly construed. NAASR invites submissions from individuals or full panels that address these concepts within the context of their research. Submissions may focus on crises of the contemporary moment (pandemic, racism, patriarchy, neoliberal capitalism, authoritarianism, etc.) or explore the theme of crisis through other contexts, historical periods, or theoretical positions. Though we are open to a wide range of thematizations of ‘crisis,’ contributions should make explicit theoretical and substantive connections to understandings of crisis in our current historical moment.

NAASR is therefore issuing a call for papers and a call for full panels. 

Individual papers should include:

  1. A Working Title
  2. A brief abstract summarizing the scope of their argument and how it will address the theme (max. 500 words) 

Full Panel proposals should include: 

  1. A Working Title
  2. A list of participants (5-7 maximum, including a presider and a respondent, if appropriate)
  3. A summary of the broader topic the panel will address (max. 500 words)
  4. For each participant, a brief abstract summarizing their contribution (max. 500 words)

To allow for robust engagement, all panelists will submit conference papers for pre-circulation among members by July 31, 2021 and will be prepared to summarize their papers (10-15 min) during the in-person annual meeting. Summaries of papers will be followed by remarks from a respondent and extended discussion. 

Versions of the full papers will be included as chapters for an edited volume in the NAASR Working Papers Series with Equinox. Therefore, contributors are strongly encouraged to draft their pre-circulated papers in the format of chapters for eventual publication. 

We especially welcome submissions from graduate students, early-career scholars, and those employed in contingent positions, and as always, NAASR strongly encourages participation from scholars representing the full range of areas of expertise, backgrounds, and identities.  

Submissions should be emailed to dennislorusso@gmail.com no later than 5pm EST March 1, 2021.

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